WB2110 Reflow Tools Cleaning Agent

WB2110 represents the latest advancement in semi-water-based cleaning solutions, meticulously formulated with a blend of multifaceted surfactants, penetrants, degreasers, and corrosion inhibitors. This cutting-edge product efficiently eradicates flux and solder paste residues from tools, chains, and printed steel meshes. Notably absent are any substances banned under environmental ODS regulations or those restricted by the RoHS directive. Its biodegradable nature, coupled with non-flammability, ensures safe storage. WB2110 is an eco-conscious choice for those seeking a green and sustainable water-based cleaning agent.

This product is suitable for cleaning jigs and detachable parts soldered in wave soldering and reflow furnaces.

Features and benefits

  • Fast cleaning process
  • Employing deionized water as the cleaning agent ensures it is non-flammable, making it secure for both transport and storage.
  • It contains no halogens and complies with RoHS standards, ensuring it is non-combustible and harmless to humans, thus safe for application.
  • Its versatility in a broad range of cleaning equipment and methods is due to its expansive process adaptability and efficient cleansing properties.


Typical properties

Properties Value     
Appearance Clear or cloudy liquid
Specific Gravity (g/cm3 @200C) 1.002 ± 0.010
pH 11.00 ± 1.50
Cleaning Temperature (0C) 30 ~ 60
Flammability No
RoHS Pass
Halogen (ppm) 0

Direction of use

  • Typically, cleaning involves methods such as ultrasonic and spray, with smaller components being submerged and manually washed.
  • The duration of cleaning can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the item being cleaned, with a general timeframe of 15.0-45.0 minutes sufficing for effective cleaning results
  • For soak cleaning, it’s essential to fully immerse the parts in a cleaning solution for a period ranging from 30.0 to 240.0 minutes, achieving optimal results at a solution temperature between 45.0 and 55.0 degrees Celsius.
  • The exact duration can be varied based on the particular requirements of the item undergoing cleaning.

Technical Documents

WB2110 Technical Data Sheet

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