UVCL-400 LED UV Lamp Controller

UVCL-400 is a controller designed to handle GLUDITEC LED UV Lamp. UVCL-400 features the user-friendly touch screen which is convenient to setup the LED’ s parameters and modes.

UVCL-400 can handle simultaneously different 4 LED heads. Through this controller, 4 LED heads can work independently or link and corporate to deliver the ultimate performance.

Multi-level light intensity mode control, lamp delay on/off function, alarm mode and multiple communication interfaces facilitate the operation. Use shielded high-flexible drag chain cables to meet the needs of automated assembly and industrial environments.

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly Interface, easy to operate
  • Various I/O for connection with other system
  • Able to handle 4 individual LED emitters
  • Cooperate with GLUDITEC UV Meter to actively adapt to control UV power


  • Update real time the status of LED UV Source and automatically adjust if the power is under standard value
  • Detecting short circuit, fault, high temperature during operation
  • Docked with available MES data system


5kg ~ 10kg
100 ~ 240 VAC
Controlling Method
Touch screen
Back Serial Port
Foot Pedal, SCM, PLC, RS232/RS485/TCP
LED Emitter Number
1 ~ 4 pcs
Standby power
< 50W
Intensity Adjust Range
10 ~ 100%

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