UV5701 UV Gasketing Adhesive

UV5701 Form-in-Place (FIP) Gaskets cure rapidly in under 15 seconds using UV or LED light-curable tech, replacing labor-intensive methods like tape and die-cut gaskets. They eliminate the need for ovens and reduce waste, finding applications in automotive, mobile devices, lighting, and more. Designed for automated dispensing, they ensure consistency in bead profile for various configurations. UV5701 gaskets effectively block air infiltration, dust intrusion, noise transmission, and provide protection against moisture and chemicals, making them ideal for sound dampening, vibration reduction, and sealing air leaks in diverse industries


UV Gasketing Adhesive

Features and benefits

  • Depending on thickness and gasket size, UV5701 can achieve full healing in just 15 seconds
  • Exceptional bonding to plastics, glass, metal enclosures, and plated surfaces
  • Viscosities range from low to high, with no sagging
  • Smooth-to-pressure-responsive surface adhesion
  • Perfect for automotive, lighting, electronic mobile device, electrical, HVAC, window, and energy uses
  • Swap out laborious gasket options for a quick-curing solution



Properties Reference
Chemical composition Polyurethane acrylic resin
Physical state Liquid
Appearance Blue   viscous liquid
Viscosity (25°C, spindle viscometer 4#10 mPa.s) 13000-19000
Specific gravity Kg/L 1.08
Solvent content (%) 0
Heavy metal content PPM 0


Curing with UV5701 takes place when exposed to adequate UV light, with the rate and extent of curing being influenced by various factors such as light intensity, spectral distribution of the light source, exposure duration, and transparency of the material being cured. The specific measurements are taken at a wavelength of 395nm using an LED surface light source that emits 220mw/cm2 of ultraviolet radiation.

Properties Reference
Tack free time (1mm) 10-15 s
Deep curing time (1mm) 10-15 s
Full cure energy (1mm) 3300 mJ/cm²

*Recommend to use with FUV-100 Curing Oven or CUV-350 Curing Conveyor.


The following data are measured after curing using a 395nm wavelength LED surface light source with a cumulative energy of 3300mj/cm²

Properties Test method Reference 
Hardness Shore A 24-29
Operating time range -40-130°C Customers can test by themselves according to the workpiece
Appearance Visual inspection Blue
Peel strength PC/PVC <10N/cm²
Peel strength PVC/PVC <10N/cm²


Technical Documents

UV5701 Technical Data Sheet

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