UV5142 Glass to Metal Bonding UV Adhesive

UV5142 is a one-component, UV-curable, acrylic adhesive. This product is specially designed for the bonding and coating of electronic components; the product has the characteristics of medium viscosity, fast curing speed, and good weather resistance.


Glass & Metal Bonding UV Adhesive



Properties Reference
Chemical composition Polyurethane acrylic resin
Physical state Liquid
Appearance Red viscous liquid
Viscosity (25℃, spindle viscometer 4#60 mPa·s)  2300-3000
Specific gravity Kg/L 1.05
Solvent content% 0
Heavy metal content PPM 0


UV5142 curing will occur under sufficient ultraviolet irradiation. The curing speed and depth depend on the light intensity, spectral distribution of the light source, irradiation time and the light transmittance of the adhered material. The following data are measured under the condition of ultraviolet radiation of 20mw/cm² produced by a high-pressure mercury lamp:

Properties Reference
Tack free time (1mm) /
Deep curing time (1mm) 65-70 S
Full cure energy (1mm) 1500 mj / cm²

*Recommended Curing Equipment: CUV-1800M Mercury UV Curing System


The following data are measured after curing with a high-pressure mercury lamp source with a cumulative energy of 1500mj/cm².

Properties Test method Reference
Hardness Shore D 65-70
Operating temperature range -40~130℃ Customer self-test
Bonding strength Stainless steel/GLASS  ≥40N/cm²

Technical Documents

UV5142 Technical Data Sheet

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