UV5103H – Dual cure adhesive for Optical Component

UV5103H is a photo-curing cationic type and thermal curing adhesive for the optical component. This product can be pre-cured with UV light then thermal cured to develop outstanding adhesion properties, thermal-shock resistances and low shrinkage. For the special performance and reliability of this product, it is applied in various fields, such as C-MOS and it also provide low shrinkage and water absorption. With low viscosity and high thixotropic, this product is suited for dispensing equipment.

Features and benefits

• This product demonstrates outstanding adhesion properties on glass, metals and ITO. It is also suited for LCP525, PC (GF) and FR4 substrates bonding.
• This product exhibits lower water permeability which can effectively resist moisture.
• The retained strength of this product after environmental test experiments is still greatly high
• This product is solvent-free and low-pollution epoxy.
• This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
• This product complies to chlorine < 900ppm, bromine <900ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500ppm.




Properties UV5103H
Appearance Liquid
Color Milky
Viscosity *25°C, cps, S14, 50 rpm 7,600 ~ 11,300
Thixotropic Index 5.2
Specific Gravity 1.53


Properties UV5103H
Pot Life, 25°C, days 3
Curing condition 1, UV light
Recommended Wavelength, nm 310 – 365
Recommended Light Intensity, mW/cm2 > 50
Recommended Light Energy, mJ/cm2 3,000 ~ 6,000
Curing condition 2, Heat cure
80°C 60 min



Properties UV5103H
Glass Transition Temp., (TMA), °C 125
CTE (*4) (<Tg), μm/m/°C 51
Durometer Hardness, Shore D 88
Specific Gravity 1.67
Volume Shrinkage, % 1.02
Water Absorption Ratio (25°C/24hr), % 0.44
Degradation Temp (TGA 100C / min), °C 368
Young’s modulus, GPa 6.5
Elongation, % 2
Shear Strength*1 Al vs Al, kgf/cm² 98
Shear Strength*1 Al vs LCP525, kgf/cm² 58
Shear Strength*1 Glass vs Glass, 0.3mm, kgf/cm² 28
Weight Loss Ratio @150°C, % 0.06
Thermal Conductivity, W/mK 0.4
Thermal Resistance, m²K/W 0.003
Diffusibility at 14 ~340C, 45 Degree Slope, 1g, mm 0.1
Surface Resistivity, ohm 5  x  10^14
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 5 x 10^15
Dielectric Strength, kV/mm 18
Recommended Temperature Range,°C -40 ~ 150

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