UV3115-M UV & Moisture Cure Conformal Coating

UV3115-M is a one-component, UV- and moisture-curable, acrylic adhesive. This product is specially designed for covering and protecting electronic components, bonding, fixing and reinforcing wires.

Features and benefits

  • Can be UV cured to quickly form a tough coating on the circuit board surface
  • Solvent-free, odorless, and non-corrosive to PC, copper, etc.
  • Contains fluorescent indicator to facilitate checking the uniformity of line coating
  • Moisture-proof, mildew-proof, dust-proof, salt spray resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature and humidity resistant…etc.



Properties Reference
Chemical composition Polyurethane acrylic resin
Physical state Liquid
Appearance Blue viscous liquid
Viscosity (25°C, spindle viscometer 4#60 mPa.s) 7000-9000
Specific gravity Kg/L 1.05
Solvent content (%) 0
Heavy metal content PPM 0


UV3115-M will quickly solidify into a film under ultraviolet irradiation, greatly shortening the surface drying time for moisture curing. The product has no special requirements for ultraviolet curing equipment. High-power mercury lamps or LED lamps can be used. There are no equipment requirements for moisture curing. Just expose it to the air after coating:

Curing method 30%RH 50%RH 70%RH
UV+ Moisture < 36 H < 24 H < 12 H
Moisture <7 Days <5 Days  <3 Days

To ensure complete moisture curing, it is recommended to wait at least 1 week after gluing before conducting a waterproof test. The following data are measured under the condition that a 365nm wavelength LED surface light source generates 580mW/cm² ultraviolet radiation:

Properties Reference value
Curing time 5-25s
Cure energy 6400mJ/cm²


The following data are measured after UV cumulative energy 6400mJ/cm² and moisture curing for 7 days:

Properties Test method Reference 
Hardness Shore D 67-76
Operating temperature range -40-130ºC Customers conduct self-tests with workpieces
TgTMA (0C) / 75
Thermal expansion coefficient TMA (0C) -40-130ºC Customers conduct self-tests with workpieces


Technical Documents

UV3115-M Technical Data Sheet

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