UV3108-M – UV/moisture cure Conformal Coating

UV3108-M is a UV/moisture dual-curing UV protective glue prepared from special materials. When used, it has good process performance, excellent flowability and tiling properties, and can be quickly cured to form a film with good strength, high hardness, waterproof and corrosion resistance. It is often used in the fields of covering and protecting PCB circuit boards and electronic components.

Features and benefits

  • PCB circuit board approval protection
  • Approval protection of electronic components
  • High transparency, low viscosity, and good process performance
  • Fast curing, high hardness, excellent bonding performance



Properties UV3108-M
Composition Acrylated Urethane
Appearance Translucent Liquid
Color Colorless / Fluorescent
Viscosity @ 25°C, cps 700±200
Specific Gravity 1.1±0.05


Properties UV3108-M
UV Curing
Lamp type @Mercury lamp 1500±500mJ
Lamp type @365nm LED 1500±500mJ
Humidity Curing
Full Cure Time @ 25°C, hr 72


Properties UV3108-M
Durometer hardness, shore D 65±5
Shear strength, Glass/stainless, MPa >4
Shear strength, Steel PVC/PC, MPa >2
Elongation at Break (%) >2
Modulus of Elasticity, MPa 1353
Glass Transition Temp., (TMA) °C  65
CTE* (<Tg), ppm/°C 90
CTE* (>Tg), ppm/°C 190
Water absorption, 24hr, 25°C, % 1.5
Breakdown voltage, V/mm, ASTM D149 >8000
Recommended Operating Temperature, °C -40 ~ 130

Technical Documents

UV3108-M Technical Data Sheet

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