UV3102-M – UV/moisture cure Conformal Coating

UV3102-M is a one-component low-viscosity UV and moisture curing type conformal coating adhesive. It exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of metal, ceramic, and glass-filled epoxy surfaces fulfilling the needs of the most demanding environmentally friendly applications in today’s PCB marketplace. It can be quickly cured to form a transparent adhesive layer under UV radiation. It is designed to protect printed circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion, so as to improve and extend their service life, to ensure safety and reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Dual cure UV coating, one component
  • Solvent-free, Halogen-free, Low odor
  • Excellent moisture, heat and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion



Properties UV3102-M
Composition Acrylated Urethane
Appearance Translucent Liquid
Color Colorless / Fluorescent
Viscosity @ 25°C, cps 75
Specific Gravity 1.05


Properties UV3102-M
UV Curing
Tack-free time

@365nm 100mW/cm², s
UV Depth of Cure

@365nm 100mW/cm², 30s, mm
> 3.5
Energy @600mW/cm², s 10
Humidity Curing
Full Cure Time @ 25ºC, hr 72
Curing depth, mm > 0.5


Properties UV3102-M
Durometer hardness, shore D 80
Glass Transition Temp., (TMA) ºC 87
Dielectric strength, kV/mm 20
Dielectric Constant @1MHz 2.75
Dissipation Factor @1MHz 0.013
Volume Resistivity, 2.8 x 1016
Surface Resistivity, ohm 3.1 x 1016
High temperature and high humidity test: 600ºC, 90%RH Non-corrosive
Cross-cut test (Lv.0)
Thermal shock, -20 – 700ºC 100 cycles


Cross-cut test (Lv.0)
Recommended Operating Temperature, ºC -40 ~ 135

Technical Documents

UV3102-M Technical Data Sheet

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