UV Curing integrated Desktop Dispensing System GLT UI300

GLT UI300 is an economic and effectively integrated dispensing machine, specifically designed for fixing FPCB. The system is designed for the automated dispensing of materials which can include, for example, UV curing adhesives. It is suitable for a variety of applications, such as medical device assembly, form in place gasketing, bonding, temporary masking and more.

This system is configurable with a range of dispensing equipment, including highly accurate and repeatable dispensing valves and pumps.

The system comprises of 3 modules:

Motion module: 3 axis robot, Y axis UV integrated

Controller module: Control the angle, adhesive amount, thickness and time interval

Dispensing module: Holder works with syringes or adhesive containers of 3ml, 5ml, 10ml to 50ml or 330ml.

Features and benefits

  • UV integrated, promptly cure the adhesive 
  • Correct dispensing position 
  • Repeatable and consistent dispensing
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy to set up and apply 


Working Area (XYZ)
400 x 400 x 100 mm
Speed (X, Y, Z)
500, 500, 200 mm/s
Repeatability accuracy (max.)
±0.02 mm
Position Command Resolution
0.001 mm
Portable weight (X, Y, Z)
15 kg, 15 kg, 7 kg
PLC program language
30 commands
Programming method
T-box, PC
Operating method
T-box, PC, physical buttons, I/O
Drive method
Servo AC motor
Control method
External interface
RS232-C 2ch
User Input/ Output
System I/O (in: 4, out: 5), User I/O (in: 16, out: 15)
CPU Performance
Main: 32 bit, 1200MFLOFS, Servo: 16 Bit, 40MIPS*2
PLC function
10 programs, 1000 steps/ program
Program capacity
100 programs, 1000 steps/ program
Data memory capacity
20,000 steps 20,000 points
Program Storage
512KB SRAM Backup Battery

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