TMD-500 – Two-part 50ml Cartridge Pneumatic Dispenser

The TMD-500 is specifically created to aid workers in dispensing adhesive (such as epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane) from a 50ml two-part cartridge with a 1:1 ratio (contact us for information on different ratios). Pneumatically operated, the TMD-500 allows for control over dispensing time and ensures a consistent volume of adhesive per unit of time. Unlike traditional and mechanical dispensing guns that can be difficult for workers to handle, the TMD-500 is a superior choice for 50ml cartridges of 2K adhesive.

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Features and benefits

  • Reduce dispensing pressure on worker’s hand
  • Ensure the uniform dispensing volume
  • Control the dispensing volume within specfic period (0~99.99 seconds) by pneumatic system
  • User friendly



No Specification Value
1 Overal length 160mm
2 Head diameter 54mm
3 Tail diameter 50mm
4 Tube diameter 45mm
Control Method
Electronic/ Pneumatic System
Dispensing pressure
S: 1 ~ 10 kg/cm²/ M: 1 ~ 4 kg/cm²/ L: 1 ~ 2 kg/cm²
Time range
0.01 ~ 99.99 sec
Interval timer
0.01 ~ 3.99 sec
Vacuum pressure
0 ~ -350 mmHg
Out signal
Open connector, DC 24V, 20 mmsec (Relay), 100 mmsec (Relay)
Power Source
AV220V 50/60Hz (AC100V 50/60Hz: Option)
232 (W) x 186 (D) x 81 (H) mm
2.7 kg

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