TIM4604 – One-part Thermal Conductive Gel

TIM4604 is a one-part thermal conductive gel that is used to fill the gaps between the semiconductors and a cold surface such as a heatsink, to efficiently remove the heat generated by these heat sources to the ambient environment to maintain the junction temperature of the component within the safe operating limits.

TIM4604 material is a 4.0 W/m·K high-performance one-part thermal conductive gel material with excellent anti-segment and low volatility, the most valuable characteristics of this material are low oil bleeds and vertical reliability which is very important in application. Target applications for this material are Telecom, Consumer Electronics, and PC.

Features and benefits

  • Thermal Conductivity 4.0W/m·K
  • Low volatility
  • Anti-sag
  • Can be applied in different applications including Telecom, datacom, consumer electronics, optical module, automotive, etc


Properties TIM4604 Testing method
Appearance Putty Visual
Color Blue Visual
Thermal Conductivity 4.0 W/m·K ASTM D5470
Density 3.1 g/cm³ 25°C
Flow Rate 25g/min 30cc syringe without tip, 90psi
Dielectric Strength >5000V/mm ASTM D149
Operating Temperature -50 ~ 160°C
Dielectric Constant 7.6 ASTM D150
Volume Resistance 10^13 ASTM D257

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