Syringe Barrels

We are one-stop shopping for syringes, barrel adapters, needles and tips along with excellent reference materials and pictures of actual applications to spark new ideas.

We are confident to provide the highest quality syringe barrels and piston in the industry. These high precise barrels for dispensers are designed to stand high pressure and considering the liquid’s flow property. It could also dispense highly viscous material like epoxy, silicone, or thermal grease with no remainder. The shapes and the materials of syringe barrels are decided in consideration of safety.


Features and benefits

  • Precision fit between syringe and piston ensures consistent fluid deposits
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes: black/ amber syringe for UV/ Light Sensitive Materials and clear syringe for general materials/ general applications
  • Stand well in high pressure during dispensing process

See Specification for more details about syringe size


Barrel (Size ØXL)
5 cc
GBR-05 (14.7X72.5)
10 cc
GBR-10 (18X103.7)
30 cc
GBR-30 (26.2X128.1)
50 cc
GBR-50 (26.2X161.2)

Technical Documents