SUV-800L – Spot UV LED Curing System

Control up to Eight LED Heads Independently for Greater Curing Flexibility

SUV-800L is designed for high-performance LED spot curing required applications. With a compact, small and versatile design, SUV-800L can provide a high-intensity spot-curing technology and create an efficient user-friendly experience.

SUV-800L is standard equipment of our spot curing series. It uses LEDs installed directly at the end of the head for precision light delivery. The small diameter LED heads can be mounted very close to the piece being cured, covering hard-to-reach portions of complex geometries or providing 360° cures, and providing maximum intensity via the short working distance (depend on type of lens).

With 8 dependently operable channels, multiple LED heads can be combined to cover complex parts. Alternately, wavelengths can be mixed to get the best curing properties.


LED Head

Output power 18 W/cm²
Core material of the head NICHIA high-level LED +
Dow Corning + HOYA quartz lens
Connect cable Bending-resistant
cable (bending resistant 1000w times within
Cable length Standard: 2m (Customizable)
Lifetime of the LED head 20,000 hrs
Cooling Natural convection

Equipped with L86F for better performance (Optional)

Controller Specification

Outer Size (L x W x H) 180 x 160 x 130 mm
Voltage 100 ~ 240 VAC
Data Set Touchscreen
Head Number 8 pcs (Standard)
Controller Backend Serial Port Foot pedal, SCM, PLC, RS232 Port
Adjustable Value Intensity Strength, Irradiation time, Irradiation mode

LED Lamp Specifications

3 design options




L86F – other side

Technical Documents

SUV Series Lamp - TDS

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