Stainless Steel Precision Dispensing Nozzle

GLUDITEC reusable stainless steel precision nozzle has integral and split form together; cone-shaped nozzle and micro caliber can stably realize the micro-dispensing with high-precision. Widely used in industries that need micro dispensing like LED, optical communication, automotive electronics, etc. Suitable for Viscosity materials or liquids containing particles like coating epoxy resin, UV curing adhesive, solder paste, etc., and can be collocated with the pneumatic distributor.

GLUDITEC meets the market’s demand, to satisfy the customer’s demand who needs the micro-dispensing products with high-precision, we offer stainless steel precision nozzles, helping customers efficiently complete production demand with cost reduction. We can also customize according to customer requirements.

GLUDITEC steel precision nozzle, in the professional numerical man’s operation on the high-precision CNC machine, completes the one-time molding production. And need the professional quality inspectors, according to the standard, pass the sampling inspection of product quality with high-resolution spectroscopy detection equipment and other physical properties testing equipment. To make sure customers get completely new products, the qualified products are individually wrapped in single protection tubes.

Features and benefits

Applicability of the Stainless Steel Precision Nozzle:
1. BGA packaging coating
2. CCD sealant coating
3. Crystal resonator coating
4. The sealant dispensing of the LCD panel


Bayonet Double thread ID.(mm) OD.(mm) Package
SPN01 STPN01 0.1 0.2 Single packaging
SPN02 STPN02 0.15 0.25 Single packaging
SPN03 STPN03 0.2 0.3 Single packaging
SPN04 STPN04 0.25 0.35 Single packaging
SPN05 STPN05 0.3 0.4 Single packaging
SPN06 STPN06 0.35 0.45 Single packaging
SPN07 STPN07 0.4 0.5 Single packaging
SPN08 STPN08 0.45 0.55 Single packaging
SPN09 STPN09 0.5 0.6 Single packaging
SPN10 STPN10 0.6 0.7 Single packaging
SPN11 STPN11 0.7 0.8 Single packaging
SPN12 STPN12 0.8 0.9 Single packaging
SPN13 STPN13 0.9 1 Single packaging
SPN14 STPN14 1 1.1 Single packaging
SPN15 STPN15 1.1 1.2 Single packaging
SPN16 STPN16 1.2 1.3 Single packaging
SPN17 STPN17 1.3 1.4 Single packaging
SPN18 STPN18 1.4 1.5 Single packaging

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