SSC-2875 – Single Component Transparent Silicone Sealant Adhesive

SSC-2875 is a single component transparent room temperature curing silicone sealant adhesive with excellent wide range temperature resistance (-40 to 150°C) in long-term elasticity and stability. SSC-2875 is also formed to have better ultraviolet, aging resistance. Other environmental factors such as moisture, vibration, corona or chemicals are well prevented by this material. Furthermore, SSC-2875 has good insulating properties make it ideal in various applications. Meet intertional standards: RoHS, RECH certified.

Features and benefits

  • Moisture & water proof layer/ sealing
  • Insulating coating layer of various circuit boards
  • Waterproof coating of electrical and communication equipment
  • Waterproof layer for LED Display
  • Bonding or sealing for electronics components, modules, photoelectric displays and PCBs





Properties Values Testing Method
Appearance Liquid Visual
Color Transparent Visual
Viscosity 120 ± 20cps GB/T 2794-1995
Solid Content >50%
Shelf life at RT 6 months



Dry Schedule (mins) 5 – 15 GB/T 13477.5
Volume Resistivity ( 1.0*10^14 GB/T 1692-2008
Surface Resistivity (ohm) 1.0*10^14 GB/T 1692-2008
Dielectric Constant (MHz) ≤3.5 GB/T 1693-2007
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) 18 GB/T 1693-2005
Dielectric Dissipation
Factor (MHz)
0.35 GB/T 1693-2007

Technical Documents

TDS - SSC-2875

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