SS3106 Silicone Conformal Coating

SS3106 is a one-component, low-viscosity, room-temperature-curing, one-component silicone coating glue developed by our company. This product is simple to operate: it is suitable for brushing, spraying, and dipping. It has fast curing speed and is suitable for good adhesion to various circuit boards. It has good temperature resistance and maintains good thermal aging performance at -60 to 200°C. It has excellent shock resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance and resistance to cold and heat changes. It is widely used in various electronic components and assembled circuit boards, and can fully protect the circuit board when used in harsh environments such as various chemical corrosion, salt spray, moisture, high pollution and dust, vibration, high and low temperatures. without affecting its work and signals.

Features and benefits

  • Various electronic components and assembled circuit boards are moisture-proof, salt-spray-proof and dust-proof, etc.
  • Excellent shock resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance and resistance to hot and cold changes
  • Good temperature resistance



Properties SS3106
Appearance Liquid
Color Colorless
Viscosity *25°C, cps 600 – 1000
Density (g/cm ) 1.05±0.1


Properties SS3106
Surface drying time, min 5~15 @250C
Recommended curing time (hrs, 250C) 24


Properties SS3106
Durometer Hardness, Shore A 70~80
Dielectric strength (kV/mm) 21
Dielectric constant (1.2 MHz) 3.0
Peel strength (MPa) >5.0
Elongation at break, % 100
Volume resistance (Ohm-cm) 5.0 x 10^15
Operating temperature (°C) -60 ~ 200

Technical Documents

SS3106 Technical Data Sheet

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