SRR-300F – Rotary table integrated Desktop Dispensing System

SRR-300F dispensing system is designed specifically for dispensing onto round objects or in circular patterns. The machine offers capabilities such as an easily adjustable Z-axis tilt to give manufacturers controlled rotary dispensing at a range of angles. 

Using the SRR-300F Rotary Dispensing Table, you can efficiently dispense materials in circular patterns, arcs or partial arcs. This includes dispensing materials vertically or horizontally onto internal or external walls of a component. Whilst it is a simple tool, it will provide consistent results, reducing manual labor, rejects, and wasted material.

The system comprises of 3 modules:

Motion module: Z Axis slide and a rotary table with 360° rotary for hard to reach position.  

Controller module: Control the rotation speed and set the height of the dispensing arms and barrel holders based on the part fixture. 

Dispensing module: Holder works with syringes or adhesive containers of 3ml, 5ml, 10ml to 50ml or 330ml. 

Features and benefits

  • Rotary table, adjustable jig  
  • Allows the user to adjust the rotational speed and time interval 
  • Tilt Z axis Fully automated, easy to set up and use


Working Area (XYZR)
290 x 574 x 70 mm
Speed (X, Y, Z)
500, 500, 200 mm/s
Repeatability accuracy (max.)
±0.02 mm
Position Command Resolution
0.001 mm
Portable weight (X, Y, Z)
15 kg, 15 kg, 7 kg
Dispensing Path
Circular patterns, arcs or partial arcs
PLC program language
30 programming language commands
Programming method
T-box, PC
Operating method
T-box, PC, nút vật lý, I/O
Drive method
AC servo
Control method
External interface
RS232-C 2ch
User Input/ Output
System I/O (in: 4, out: 5),
CPU Performance
Main: 32 bit, 1200MFLOFS, Servo: 16 Bit, 40MIPS*2
PLC function
10 programs, 1000 steps/per program
Program capacity
100 programs, 1000 steps/per program
Data memory capacity
20,000 steps/ 20,000 points
Program Storage
512KB SRAM backup battery
Cycle initiation
Manual or automatic
Vertical travel, Rotation speed
70 mm, 0-60 rpm
Air input
70 - 100 ps ( 5 - 7 bar)
Air output
1 - 100 ps (0.1 - 7 bar)

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