SnPb40-1105 Leaded Solder Bar

SnPb40-1105 lead solder bar is made of high-purity tin ingots as the main raw material, combined with high-grade lead through a special process, using the most advanced professional lead solder equipment and excellent technology. It has a reasonable alloy ratio and excellent welding performance.

Features and benefits

  • High purity, low metal impurity & content of oxide.
  • The molten tin is smooth, flat, has low viscosity, and has excellent mobility.
  • Unique high oxidation resistance, very small amount of tin slag
  • Low surface tension, and high wetting ability.
  • Stable and reliable welding quality: excellent solderability, shiny and chubby solder joint.


Items Technical Parameters Standards
Part Number SnPb40-1105
Content of Key Alloy Sn60 Pb40
Appearance Silvery white, trapezoidal cross-section strip casting alloys Visual Inspection
Melting Point (oC) 183-190
Density (g/cm3) 8.5
Shelf Life 2 years From MGF date
Package 20kg/box, 1kg/bar

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