SnCu07-1102X – Lead-free Solder Bar

The SnCu07-1102X lead-free solder bar is crafted from top-grade tin ingots, along with high-quality silver and copper. It undergoes a specialized process using cutting-edge lead-free solder equipment and superior technology. It is designed to prevent the rapid expansion of micro cracks in the brittle interface structure, thus enhancing the creep fatigue life of the joint. This lead-free alloy solder bar offers exceptional welding performance and environmental protection in lead-free processes.

Features and benefits

  • There are few metal impurities and low oxide content, and the purity is extremely high.
  • After melting, the tin liquid surface is smooth and flat, with low viscosity and excellent fluidity.
  • Unique high oxidation resistance and very little tin slag.
  • It has good wettability, low surface tension, easy soldering, bright and full solder spots, and stable and reliable welding quality.
  • It is a green and environmentally friendly product that complies with RoHS and other environmental protection requirements.


Items Technical indicators  Standards
Product number SnCu07-1102X /
Alloy composition Sn99.3Cu0.7X /
Exterior Silver white trapezoidal cross-section long strip cast alloy Visual
Melting point range (℃) 227 Alloy part
Density (g/cm³) 7.31 Alloy part
RoHS qualified RoHS Directive
Shelf life 2 years From MGF
Packing 1kg/bar, 20kg/carton /

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