SAC305-1104 Lead-free Solder Bar

GLUDITEC presents an advanced lead-free solder bar, the SAC305-1104, boasting a meticulously crafted metal alloy composition. This solder is primarily composed of 96.5% tin (Sn), 3.0% silver (Ag), and 0.5% copper (Cu). This specific formulation, known as SAC305, represents a eutectic alloy renowned for its superior soldering characteristics and environmental sustainability.

Features and benefits

  • Less metal impurity and low oxide content and high purity.
  • After molten tin liquid surface smooth, level off, low viscosity, excellent liquidity.
  • Good wettability, surface tension is small, easy to tin, bright spot, full, welding quality is stable and reliable.
  • Green environmental protection products, in line with RoHS environmental protection requirements, etc.


Items Technical Parameters Standards
Part Number SAC305-1104 /
Metal Alloy Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 /
Appearance Silvery White, Trapezoidal cross-section of strip casting alloys Visual Inspection
Melting Point (oC) 217 Alloy part
Density (g/cm3) 7.4 Alloy part
RoHS PASS RoHS Standard
Shelf Life 2 years From the date of production
Packaging 20kg/box & 1kg Bar /

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