SAC300-1103 Lead-free solder bar

The SAC300-1103 lead-free solder bar is meticulously engineered with a precise metal alloy composition, predominantly comprised of 97% tin (Sn) and 3% silver (Ag). This eutectic mixture is carefully formulated to achieve optimal soldering performance while adhering to global environmental standards, particularly RoHS compliance.

Features and benefits

  • There are few metal impurities and low oxide content, and the purity is extremely high.
  • After melting, the tin liquid surface is smooth and flat, with low viscosity and excellent fluidity.
  • Unique high oxidation resistance and very little tin slag.
  • It has good wettability, low surface tension, easy soldering, bright and full solder spots, and stable and reliable welding quality.
  • It is a green and environmentally friendly product that complies with RoHS and other environmental protection requirements.


Property Value Method
Product number SnAg03-1103
Alloy composition Sn97.0 Ag3.0
Exterior Silver white trapezoidal cross-section long strip cast alloy Visual
Melting point range (℃) 221-230 Alloy part
Density (g/cm³) 7.41 Alloy part
RoHS Pass RoHS Directive
Shelf life 2 years From the date of production
Packing 1kg/bar, 20kg/carton

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