rIGC-560 Conformal Coating Removing System

The rIGC-560 dry ice cleaning machine is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for the removal of conformal coating on PCBs. Utilizing advanced technology, this system offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in the removal process.

The rIGC-560 employs dry ice cleaning technology, utilizing solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets as the cleaning medium. This non-abrasive method effectively removes conformal coating from PCBs without causing damage to the underlying substrate.

Features and benefits

  • Efficient removal of conformal coating without damaging PCB components.
  • Reduced downtime and labor costs associated with cleaning processes.
  • Improved quality control and consistency in conformal coating removal.
  • Enhanced worker safety by eliminating exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability initiatives.


Dry ice raw material
General 2-4mm pellet dry ice
Dry ice consumption
Continuous spraying 0-4 kg/min, adjustable
Air supply equipment
6-12 kg 2.5-4 cubic meters/minute
Power supply
Single 200-240V 50/60HZ 5A triangle socket
1-inch special spray dry ice tube, handheld spray gun, 2-3 nozzles, protective equipment
Dry ice bin capacity
30 kg. Alarm output when dry ice runs out.
Equipment weight
Bare machine 100 kg, complete machine 150 kg

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