rIGC-200 Conformal Coating Remover System

The RIGC-200 sandblasting equipment is engineered for precise conformal coating layer removal. Utilizing abrasive blasting technology, it offers variable pressure control for customized removal based on substrate material and coating thickness. Precision-designed nozzles ensure focused and directed abrasive media flow, enhancing removal accuracy while minimizing substrate damage. Equipped with a robust dust collection system, it efficiently captures and contains abrasive media and removed coating particles, maintaining a clean working environment and reducing airborne contaminants. Versatile in application, it is suitable for removing conformal coating layers from printed circuit boards, electronic components, and industrial machinery parts across various industries. The RIGC-200 stands as a technical solution for companies seeking efficient and accurate conformal coating removal processes.

Features and benefits

  • Efficient and precise removal of conformal coating layers, ensuring substrate integrity.
  • Adjustable pressure settings for customized removal based on substrate and coating thickness.
  • Targeted nozzle design for focused and controlled abrasive media flow.
  • Effective dust collection system for a clean and safe working environment.
  • Versatile application across different industries and substrates.


220V Voltage
Working Area
500 x 600 mm
Air Pressure

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