PWC-105 – Automatic reverse osmosis+mixed bed/EDI ultra pure water machine

PWC-105 is an integrated pure water machine. Mainly for the automotive, electronics, and medical industries high-end cleaning with high pure water, the resistivity can be up to 10~18 MΩ. The equipment adopts reverse osmosis/mixed bed combination or reverse osmosis /EDI combination ultra-pure water manufacturing process. With low operating cost, high water yield, automatic control and other characteristics.

Features and benefits

  • One-key operation, PLC and text screen control, the whole water production process is completed automatically, without manual intervention
  • Small size, compact structure, self-cleaning equipment, automatic control, no manual maintenance
  • Pure water from the water production rate of the equipment are high, the resistivity can be up to 10~18 MΩ
  • Low energy consumption, low operating noise, no pollution, eco-friendly


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