PUT3214 Two-component Polyurethane Potting Adhesive

PUT3214 is ideal for potting and sealing a wide range of electronic and electrical products. It features a low mixing viscosity, excellent fluidity, effortless pouring, and easy handling. Its primary functions include waterproofing, protection, sealing, filling, and insulation. Once cured, it forms a strong colloidal structure with exceptional adhesion and favorable electrical properties. Additionally, it meets RoHS, Reach requirements, as well as UL94 V0 flame retardant standards.

Features and benefits

  • PUT3214 A/B is a two-component, high-performance aromatic polyurethane potting material
  • PUT3214 A/B consists of main agent and curing agent
  • Glue A: curing agent/cured isocyanate
  • Glue B: main agent/polyol



Index Mixing ratio (By weight) Exterior inspection Viscosity 25°C, Mpa*s Density @25°C, g/ cm³ Open time @100g, 25°C Storage time @Sealed, 25°C
PUT3214A 20 Brown liquid 200~300 1.21±0.05 —— 3 months
PUT3214B 100 Black liquid 3500~5500 1.46±0.05 —— 3 months
Mix A+B ——– Black 1100~1500 1.40±0.05 35±5min


Index Fixed time @25°C Curing time @25°C Heat curing @60°C Cured hardness Shore A Color, Visual inspection Temperature resistant °C Tg point °C Linear expansion coefficient N/mm Flame retardancy


PUT3214 cured material 4~5H 8~10H 40min 40~50A Black -40°C~130°C 12°C 145*10-6k-1 V0


Index Thermal Conductivity, W/m.k Dielectric strength @23°C,kv Volume resistivity @23°C/50% r.h Surface resistance @23°C / 50% Dielectric constant at 1MHz, 23°C
PUT3214 cured material 0.58 ≥50 1.25*1014*Ω. cm 1.88*10-15Ω/sq 4.41

Technical Documents

PUT3214 Technical Data Sheet

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