PUT3206 Two-part Polyurethane Potting Adhesive

PUT3206 is ideal for effectively potting and sealing lighting, electronics, and electrical items. It boasts a low mixing viscosity, excellent fluidity, effortless pouring, and user-friendly operation. Primarily used for waterproofing, protection, sealing, filling, insulation, and more. The cured gel structure displays exceptional adhesion and favorable electrical properties. It meets RoHS and Reach environmental standards OPV.

Features and benefits

  • PUT3206 is a two-component, high-performance aromatic polyurethane potting material
  • PUT3206 consists of main agent and curing agent
  • Part A: curing agent/cured isocyanate
  • Part B: main agent/polyol



Index Mixing ratio (By weight) Color Viscosity value (fluidity) @25°C, Mpa*s Density @25°C, g/ cm3 Open time @100g, 25°C Storage time @Sealed, 25°C
PUT3206A 1 Light yellow liquid 150~250 1.16±0.05 —— 3 months
PUT3206B 4 black/white 4800~6800 1.50±0.05 —— 3 months
Mix A+B ——– black/white 1100~2100 1.40±0.05 18±5min


Index Fixed, 25°C Curing time, 25°C Heat curing, 60°C Cured hardness, Shore A Color Temperature resistant, °C Tg point, °C Linear expansion coefficient, N/mm Flame retardancy, UL94
PUT3206 1~2h 3~4h 30min 80~90A black and white -40°C~125°C 8o°C 203*10-6K-1 V2


Index Thermal Conductivity, W/m.k Dielectric strength, 23°C, kV Volume resistivity, 23°C/50% RH Surface resistance, 23°C / 50% Dielectric constant at, 1MHz, 23°C
PUT3602 cured product 0.55 ≥50 1.13*10*Ω. cm 2.01*10-14Ω. 4.36

Technical Documents

PUT3206 Technical Data Sheet

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