PTV-800 Small Size Vacuum Plasma System

The PTV-800 is a compact vacuum plasma system engineered to deliver high precision surface treatment with lightning-fast response times. Boasting exceptional handling and compatibility, this system offers perfect functionality coupled with professional technical support. It finds wide-ranging applications in industries spanning from camera and mobile phone manufacturing to semiconductor IC fields and beyond.


Camera & Mobile Phone Manufacturing

Essential for the deoxidation of the gold PAD surface on rigid-flex boards, and infrared (IR) surface cleaning, ensuring high-quality camera and fingerprint recognition components.

Semiconductor IC Field

Crucial for processes such as COB, COG, COF, and ACF, the PTV-100 is used for wire bonding and pre-soldering cleaning, ensuring reliable and precise semiconductor manufacturing.

Silicone, Plastic, and Polymer Fields

Enhances surface roughening, etching, and activation of silica gel, plastics, and polymers, vital for applications in automotive electronics, aviation, and other polymer-related industries.

Features and benefits

  • High Precision & Fast Response
  • Versatile Handling & Compatibility
  • Comprehensive Functionality


Properties PTV-800
External dimensions W920 x D1030 x H1720 mm
Vacuum chamber W450 x D440 x H400 mm, 81L
Electrode plate specifications 8-layer flat plate electrode plate 420(W)×360(D) mm
Control system Touch screen + PLC control
Vacuum measurement system Pirani resistance gauge
Gas metering system Accurate Mass Flow Control Meter MFC
Number of gas paths 2 channels intake, 1 way venting
Plasma generator 500W&1KW plasma generator, 40KHz (optional 13.56MHz)
Working gases 2 working gases are optional: Ar2, N2, H2, O2

Technical Documents

PTV-800 Technical Data Sheet

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