PTA-100F – Air Plasma Surface Treating System

PTA-100F is high-end air plasma with model unique design and high-tech development of high voltage transformer, main board and nozzle. Especially, the touch screen allows the operator to adjust the Plasma power (500 – 1,000W) and to set the minimum and maximum limits of injected air pressure, ensuring more stable and secure operating environments. PTA-100F has been optimized for automatic lines and research purposes with their on-delay/off-delay functions and temperature sensors.

Features and benefits

  • Touch screen
  • Adjustable Plasma power (500 – 1,000W)
  • On-delay/off-delay functions
  • Temperature sensors


Treatment Area
5 - 30 mm (depending on nozzle design and distance)
Maximum Nozzle Distance
10 - 12 mm
Needed Electricity
220V single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 10A, Earth connection
Needed Air pressure
5 Bar (CDA 99%)
Electric Power Consumption
< 1.5 KW
Consumed Amounts of Air
20~40ℓ/min (200mm per nozzle)
External Dimension
357(W) × 534(D) × 186(H)-Standard Size
36~40 Kg
Length of Hose
Standard 3m (1~10m Optional)

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