GCP-912PS – Pressure Pump for High Viscosity Adhesive

Air bubble and wasting remaining material at the end of container are two popular problems when manually feeding high viscosity media from a large drum of up to 20L volume. To solve this issue, GLUDITEC provide GCP-912GS which is designed to make feeding single part material process simpler and more convenient. Thanks to GCP-912GS, there are no longer time-consuming and material wasting feeding process.

Features and benefits

  • Simple and user-friendly system for feeding liquid from 20kg drum (Lubbock/ can) or 5gal or 20L volume.
  • Vacuum follower plate: bubble-free material feed, saves material loss when material tends to run out
  • High viscosity material dispensing: 10,000 – 1,000,000 cps
  • Module design: easy to maintain and repair if necessary
  • Be able to be integrated into different automated dispensing systems according to users’ demand
  • Small size and light type design: Convenient installation and operating condition


Part Number
Pump Technology
Piston Pump
Input Pressure
2.0 ~ 7.0 kg/cm²
Dispensing Speed
60 cycle/min
10,000 ~ 600,000 cps
Air Pressure
18 kg
AC 220V 50/60Hz

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