OSC-016D – Automatic off-line spraying cleaning machine

With its compact and hermetically sealed construction, OSC-016D is equipped with an all-in-one cleaning system. Primarily designed for offline and spray cleaning of flux residue after PCBA welding, it guarantees high surface cleanliness post-cleaning while catering to medium-sized cleaning loads.

Features and benefits

  • One-key operation, PLC and touch screen control, the whole cleaning process is completed automatically, without manual intervention
  • The unique reciprocating scanning spray, the scanning speed is controllable, the omni-directional spray, thoroughly solves the cleaning blind area
  • Spray pressure adjustable, suitable for different cleaning requirements of the workpiece cleaning
  • The equipment is equipped with a real-time circulation filtration system for cleaning and rinsing liquid, which greatly improves the liquid utilization efficiency
  • Automatic addition and drainage system, convenient and quick, reduce manual operation intensity
  • Environmental protection with low energy consumption, high efficiency water-based cleaning agent, low operating noise, no pollution and low running cost



Basket size/ double-desk (mm)
690 x 560 x 550
Part max. size (mm)
680 x 550
Cleaning method
Active scanning & spraying
Cleaning time (min)
5 ~ 10
Rinsing time (min)
1 ~ 3
Drying time (min)
10 ~ 30
Spraying pressure (kg)
3 ~ 8
Voltage/ Freq/ Power (V/Hz/kW)
380/ 50~26
Resistivity monitoring range (mohm)
0 ~ 18
Cleaning temp (C)
25 ~ 60
Rinsing temp (C)
25 ~ 60
Drying temp (C)
25 ~ 80
Outline size (mm)
1200 x 1200 x 1700
Weight (kg)

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