MSC-044 – Three station cleaning system

MSC-044 three station cleaning system is designed for trial production and laboratory’s small batch washing applications. It is mainly aimed at electronic devices, semiconductor silicon wafers, circuit boards, electronic products spare parts residual flux cleaning.

It is integrated with ultrasonic jet function, spraying function, drying function, pneumatic spray-gun manual auxiliary spraying function and other functions. Its flexible process can ensure the efficient cleaning effect.

Features and benefits

  • Suitable for medium and small batch cleaning and experimental verification cleaning
  • Easily adapt to different precision cleaning experiment and process requirements with a variety of cleaning functions such as ultrasonic, jet, spraying and manual auxiliary spraying device
  • The cleaning station can be designed with an optional liquid circulating filtration device to filter pollutants continuously and keep the cleaning liquid clean
  • Environmental protection with exhaust outlets, less odor or moisture emission.


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