MS5303 – Modified Silicone for Electronics Devices

This product is moisture curing modified silicone adhesive for thermal conduction and is cured by the moisture in the air. The curing system of this product is alkoxy. It is not stinky and has  fast curing properties. When curing, this resin is different from the traditional PU whichcontains isocyanate. This product has better adhesion strength than silicone type products

Features and benefits

• This product is used for various substrates bonding and has stable properties in a wide range of temperature.
• This product does not volatilize due to low molecular weight siloxane compounds.
• This is a one-component product, which is easy to use without mixing and this is a fast-curing product.
• This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
• This product complies to chlorine < 900 ppm, bromine < 900 ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500 ppm.




Properties MS5303
Composition Polyether resin
Appearance Liquid
Color Black
Viscosity *25°C, cps 100,000 ~ 200,000
S14, 10 rpm
Thixotropic Index > 2
Specific Gravity 2.48
Solvent Content % 0


Properties MS5303
Surface Dry Time, min 10
Full curing time, 2.6 mm, 250C, 50%RH, hr 16
Full curing time, 3.4 mm, 250C, 50%RH, days 2
Full curing time, 5.5 mm, 250C, 50%RH, days 7


Properties MS5303
Glass Transition Temp., (MDSC), °C – 40
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ppm 109
Water Absorption Ratio (25°C/24hr), % 0.5
Elongation, % 140
Volume Shrinkage, % 2.22
Hardness (Durometer), shore A ASTM D2240-03 83
Temperature Range, °C -40 ~ 120
Shear Strength, PC vs PC, kgf/cm² 14


Properties MS5303
Thermal Conductivity, W/mK 1.7
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 2.2 x 10^14
Surface Resistivity, ohm 2.1 x 10^15
Dielectric Strength, KV/mm 16



Thermal Strength, Al vs Al after curing, 250C, 50%RH, 7 days, kg/cm²
Temperature Shear Strength
25°C 26
Thermal Aging, -400C/1hr ~ 1000C/1hr, kgf/cm2
Cycles Shear Strength
0 25
100 34
High temperature and Humidity, 800C, 90%RH, kgf/cm2
Time, hr Shear Strength
0 26
24 32


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