mIGC-200 Manual Conformal Coating Thickness Measuring Tool

mIGC-200AL offers precision in measuring and controlling conformal coating thickness. This tool, consisting of 10 combs, provides both Metric (25 – 3,000μm) and Imperial (1 – 118mils) measurements on each side, ensuring versatility across different applications. Constructed from punched aluminum, it offers practicality at an affordable price point. While not as durable as precision-formed stainless steel combs, the Elcometer mIGC-200AL still provides reliable performance in conformal coating thickness measurement. Its primary function lies in facilitating precise control over coating thickness, aiding in the protection of electronic components and assemblies. In summary, the mIGC-200AL serves as a reliable tool for achieving and monitoring conformal coating thickness in various industrial settings.


Nominal Values
75 x 65 x 1mm (2.95 x 2.56 x 0.04”)
Packing List
Pack of 10
90g (3.17oz)

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