Inline Vacuum Potting System FAC-950

FAC-950 is designed to solve the issues in regard to air entrapment effectively in potting and encapsulating applications, especially with the increasingly small and complex assemblies required in today’s electronics.

FAC-950 provides mixing and dispensing solution that the entire dispensing process-from material preparation and feeding to the actual component potting itself takes place in a vacuum condition, no air is allowed to come in. High-quality and durable end-product together with a cost-effective manufacturing process is always GLUDITEC’s target of solutions.

In addition to the vacuum chamber, FAC-950 consists of the other two main modules:

The meter-mixing module with advanced functions as auto-cleaning, liquid-level sensor, pipe, and tank heater, all play exceptionally important roles in simplifying the dispensing process.

The dispensing module with the three-axis desktop robot moving continuously and dispense in various types of the path as dot, line, arc, and circle. The whole dispensing cell is covered by a safe chamber which helps to dispense tasks perform continuously and more accurately with exceptional moving speed.

The conveyor with ability to the integrated existing or brand-new production lines to ensure non-stop fabrication and make FAC-950 an ideal and advanced option for an inline vacuum potting system.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation, bubble-free
  • Stable conveyor for continuous manufacturing process
  • Advanced option for automating the manufacturing process, get the risk of high labor cost and time-consuming
  • Easy to use with a teaching program, the mixing option can be customized by touch screen
  • Highly accurate dispensing process
  • Solve the popular problems of meter-mixing and dispensing 2K materials by the traditional method


Mixing Ratio
1:1 ~ 10:1 (Optional)
Mixing Accuracy
Viscosity @25°C
50 ~ 20,000 cPs
User Interface
Touch screen
Cleaning Method
Tank Material (A&B)
Stainless Steel
Liquid Level Sensor
AB tank constant heater
AB pipe constant heater
Programming Method
Teaching method
Vacuum Degree
1 mpar
Program Memory
99/ more
3200 x 800 x 1700 mm (approx.)

Technical Documents

FAC-950 Technical Data Sheet

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