MA3102 Acrylic Conformal Coating

MA3102 is a one-component, quick-drying, moisture-proof and insulating conformal coating for circuit boards. It is a conformal coating made of modified acrylic resin and corresponding environmentally friendly solvents. It is suitable for gluing printed circuit boards. Insulate electrical equipment, connections, switch panels, wiring boards, etc., and use three-proof protective coatings for the life of printed circuit components. Easy to spray, brush, and dip into, and can be cured using room temperature or heat. In the environment of -40°C~125°C, this product has stable elasticity and excellent dielectric properties, waterproofness, earthquake resistance, weather resistance, pollution resistance, UV resistance, and moisture-proof insulation. It fluoresces under ultraviolet light and is easy to repair. It can be soldered through at soldering iron temperature for easy repair.

Features and benefits

  • One-component transparent, rapid curing at room temperature or heating.
  • Low viscosity, high content, easy sizing process.
  • Cures to form a tough and wear-resistant surface coating.
  • Low odor and good moisture-proof and shock-proof performance.
  • Cured into a transparent film with excellent flexibility and moisture resistance.
  • Working temperature -45°C ~ 125°C.
  • Low odor and meets VOC emission standards.
  • Comply with EU ROHS and REACH standards, as well as California environmental protection requirements.


Properties MA3102
Appearance Transparent (contains fluorescence)
Viscosity, @25°C (cps) 130±20
Solid content (%) 35±2
Working temperature range, °C –45 ~ 125
Surface drying time (min) <15 (25°C, 50% RH)
Volume resistivity (Ω·cm) 3.0x 1015
Dielectric strength (kv/mm) ≥ 50
Dielectric constant @60Hz ≤3.0
Dielectric loss factor (60Hz) 0.002
Chemical resistance Passed
Adhesion Passed

Technical Documents

MA3102 Technical Data Sheet

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