LPM-900S – Double Station & Mass Production machine

LPM-900S is a double-station LPM injection machine, which can be used in mass production and operated by only 1 person. Its melting system with a durable gear pump can maintain stable flow per shot, and reach continuous production.

Moreover, LPM-900S has a two-stage injection with constant pressure to prevent water absorption. It also separates the temp controller for tank, hose, and gun.

Features and benefits

  • 3 liters each tank with durable gear pump
  • Double station mass production machine, a single person can operate
  • 4.5″ PLC touch panel
  • Three-stage temperature control (Tank, Hose, Gun)
  • Reservation startup and shutdown


Tank Capacity
2 tanks x 3 Liters
Max. Melting Rate
4.5 Kg/HR
Max. Operation Temp.
Max. Closing Force
1200 Kg/cm2
Air Pressure
1~6 Kg/cm2
Max. Viscosity
20,000 CPS
Size (LxWxH)(mm)
580 kg
4300 Watt
Power Requirements
AC 220V/20A 50/60Hz 2Φ

Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheet

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