LPM-600P – Desktop Low Pressure Molding Machine

LPM-600P is one of bench-top low-pressure molding machine providing the user with flexibility, excellent quality, and durability.

With a 3L hot-melt storage capacity and gear pump, D100 is an ideal equipment to maintain stable flow per shot, and reach continuous production. All parts including tank, hose, plastic guns, safe protection, and every function consisting of timing, temperature controlling operate perfectly to create a robust desktop LPM system.

Features and benefits

  • 3-liter volume capacity
  • Durable gear pump
  • Three independent and stable temperature controller
  • Advanced melting system
  • Automatic timing function in heating device: on-side personal work operation on specific time
  • Module design – easy to identify the error and maintain
  • Safe design: two-hand switch and optical curtain protection, emergency stop button to prevent overheat and error operation during the automatical process
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface


Tank Capacity
Max. Melting Rate
4 Kg/HR
Max. Operation Temp.
250 ℃
Max. Closing Force
700 Kg
Air Pressure
5~6 Kg/cm2
Max. Viscosity
20,000 CPS
Hose Number
1 Set
Size(L x W x H mm)
568 x 638 x 731
150 kg
1600 Watt
Power Requirements
AC 220V/7A 50/60Hz 1.5Φ

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