LPM-100G – Low Pressure Molding Gun

LPM-100G Gun is designed for low-pressure molding with hot-melt. This hot-melt gun which offers an adjustable temperature, possess the advantage of Low-Pressure Molding method to protect end-products but flexible and economical option for many specific applications.

LPM-100G with a capacity of 200ml of material is ideal equipment for R&D/ lab use, trial run, or small quantity production.

Features and benefits

  • Flexible hot-melt handgun, suitable for manual dispensing and potting process
  • Special design for R&D/ laboratory use, trial run or small quantity production.
  • High efficiency and stable melting rated for continuous use.
  • Appropriate pressure range for low-pressure molding: 1.5 5 bar
  • Precision temperature control +/-1°C, to avoid production error


Operation Temperature
50℃ to 240℃ infinitely adjustable
Temperature Control
Constancy of Temperature
± 1℃
Temperature Display
Digital LED Display
Overheating Protection
Limiting thermostat (max. 260℃)
Warm-Up Time
ca.10 min
Compressed Air Connection
Through hose with plug-in connector (max. excess pressure 8 bar (116 psi))
Operating Pressure on Hand-held Unit
1.5 to 5 bar(21.75 to 72.5 psi),infinitely adjustable
Air Consumption
Triggering pressure 5.5 bar(79.75 psi)
Hot-Melt Gun Weight
1.6 kg
Melt Accumulator Capacity
200 ml
Power Supply Voltage
230 Volts,50 Hz (schuko)

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