IPC-9000 Parylene Coating System

IPC-9000 is designed to achieve unparalleled protection against moisture, mist, and more. This cutting-edge Parylene Coating Machine sets the standard for excellence, ensuring a flawless deposition process that safeguards your valuable substrates with an ultra-thin, transparent film.

Features and benefits

  • Precision Coating in a Vacuum Chamber
  • Room Temperature Deposition
  • Moisture-Proof Defense
  • Anti-Mist Assurance
  • Anti-Corrosion Armor
  • Versatility in Application


Model IPC-9000
Control System The machine is equipped with a computerized color touch screen that allows users to select between manual and automatic control options through a PLC system, providing a user-friendly interface for interaction between humans and the machine.
Dimensions L2500 x W1100 x H2800 mm
Total Weight about 1200kg
Vaporization Chamber
Material boat size Φ89 x L358mm
Material boat capacity ≥1000g
Vaporization Temperature Max. 180°C
Temperature Uniformity ≤±2%
Constant Temperature Stability ≤±1%
Acquisition Cycle < 0.5s
Sensitivity ±0.1°C
Coating Material Parylene C/N/D/F type
Pyrolysis Chamber
Pyrolysis Temperature 650 ~ 800°C
Constant Temperature Stability ≤±1%
Deposit Chamber
Size Φ800 x L900mm
Material SUS 304 surface treated
Viewport 3 areas
Carrier fixture Rotating Deposition Fixture 1 unit for vertical coating
Deposit Chamber Vacuum Degree ≤ 2.0*10 ^(-2)Torr
Vacuum Time ≤ 20 mins
Ambient Temperature for Deposite Chamber < 35°C
Cold Trap
Chiller Unit -100°C Ultra-low Chiller
Power Parameter 800W
Chiller Design Cold traps adsorption parts can be easily removed and installed repeatedlinstallation, accurate positioning and good sealing
Mechanical direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump
Power 3.7kW
Pumping Speed 25L/s

Technical Documents

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