Intelligent Two-part Mixing and Dispensing System FAS-370

FAS-370 is currently known as the most intelligent 2K self-leveling system. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Thing) Technology, FAS-370 can be set up to collect then analyze data of materials and operating process; help users make decisions and implement change or maintenance remotely base on data. These complicated tasks can be all done by only FAS-370 with an integrated computer system. Modern design, high-tech IoT, and High precision dispensers are now integrated into one system – FAS-370.

The smart FAS-370 consists of three main modules:

The meter-mixing module with advanced functions as auto-cleaning, liquid-level sensor, pipe, and tank heater, all play exceptionally important roles in simplifying the dispensing process.

The dispensing module with the three-axis desktop robot moving continuously and dispense in various types of the path as dot, line, arc, and circle.

The IoT module with the smart sensor system and monitoring computers help automatically analyze, remotely manage the whole dispensing system from input material to output end-product.

As the world is becoming more and more unpredictable with high impact events, FAS-370 is an ideal option for manufacturers who want to become the leader of the worldwide market.

Features and benefits

  • Remotely intelligent controlling system
  • Cloud platform for storage
  • Smart alarm in specific situations
  • Automatically operate but easy to use and control
  • Economical option for automating the manufacturing process, get the risk of high labor cost and time-consuming
  • Easy to use with a teaching program, the mixing option can be customized by touch screen
  • Highly accurate dispensing process
  • Solve the popular problems of meter-mixing and dispensing 2K materials by the traditional method


Mixing Ratio
1:1 ~ 10:1 (Optional)
Mixing Accuracy
Viscosity @25°C
1 ~ 30,000 cPs
User Interface
Touch screen
Cleaning Method
Tank Material (A&B)
Stainless steel
Liquid Level Sensor
AB tank constant heater
AB pipe constant heater
IoT System
Programming Method
Teaching method
XYZ working area
1650 x 1250 x 1700 mm (approx.)
700 x 700 x 100 mm

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