Inline cell Two-part Mixing and Dispensing System GLT LD-40

GLT CD-40 is a special design for inline integrated applications. The cover chamber around helps CD-40 specialize in its mixing and dispensing task on the mass production line. This ensures that all parameters and processes related to adhesive bonding and potting are accurately matched to each other, independently of the rest of the machine. GLT CD-40 conveyor is upgraded to be double the amount, which helps to optimize the fabricating ability and boost up the whole productivity. Basically, GLT CD-40 consists of two main modules: The meter-mixing module with advanced functions as auto-cleaning, liquid-level sensor, pipe, and tank heater, all play exceptionally important roles in simplifying the dispensing process. The dispensing module with the adjustable robot moving continuously and dispense in various types of the path as dot, line, arc, and circle. The robot is programmed to run along 2 trays/ lines of conveyor designed with a speed of 800 mm/s for exceptional performance.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly and safely integrated into new or existing production lines or cells as easy as “plug-and-produce”
  • Powerful axis and motor for dispensing task
  • Economical option for automating the manufacturing process, get the risk of high labor cost and time-consuming
  • Easy to use with a teaching program, the mixing option can be customized by touch screen
  • Highly accurate dispensing process


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