IGC-630 Selective coating system

Precision Unleashed with UV Detection and Dual-Valve Configuration

Unlock a new era of precision and efficiency in conformal coating with the IGC-630—a sophisticated solution that redefines the standards of selective spraying. This innovative system, equipped with UV detection functionality and a dual-valve configuration, is tailored to meet the diverse and intricate requirements of modern electronics manufacturing.

Features and benefits

  • UV Detection Inside the Chamber
  • Dual-Valve Configuration
  • X, Y, Z Three-Axis Motion
  • Edge Coating Excellence
  • Precision at its Core
  • High-Speed Transmission and Control
  • Dual Valve Configuration
  • Intelligent Automatic Width Adjustment
  • User-Friendly Programming


Rack size
L1060 x W1200 x H1700 (mm)
Equipment platform
T20 mm steel plate chrome plated
Control method
Industrial computer & motion control card
Operation method
Computer control
Programming mode
Manual teaching
Running program storage quantity
More than 1000
PCB transfer height
920 ± 20 (mm)
Transportation speed
0 ~ 5000 mm/min
Transfer direction
L ------> R (R ------> L)
Transmission motor
2 stepper motors
PCB width range
50 ~ 450 mm
Adjustment method
Intelligent automatic adjustment
Driver adjusting method
Stepper motor & double precision screw drive
X&Y axis drive mode
Servo motor & precision screw module drive
X&Y axis max. running speed
800 mm/s
X&Y axis positioning accuracy
±0.02 mm
Z axis max. running speed
300 mm/s
Z axis drive mode
Stepper motor & precision screw module drive
Valve up and down
2 double-rod cylinders
Number of valves
Valve type
1 small mist flower valve, 1 dispensing valve
PCB board size
Max. W450 x L450 mm
PCB board component height
Max. ±100 mm
Edge definition
±0.5 mm
Fine fog flower spray width
6 ~ 8 mm
Lighting section
Equipped with lighting source
Detection part
UV detection light source
Tank volume
10L stainless steel inner bucket with stirring function pressure tank & a small cleaning pressure stainless steel tank

UV Detection Inside the Chamber: The IGC-630 sets itself apart with an integrated UV detection function within the chamber. This advanced feature ensures thorough inspection and validation of the coating process, leaving no room for undetected flaws. Achieve a new level of quality assurance with real-time UV detection.

Dual-Valve Configuration: Tailor your coating process with the flexibility of the dual-valve configuration. The standard equipment comes with two valves operating simultaneously, enabling automatic switching and matching of spraying actions. This dynamic setup empowers you to achieve high-density complex circuit board spraying and dispensing processes with ease.

X, Y, Z Three-Axis Motion: Precision meets versatility with the three-axis motion—X, Y, Z. The IGC-630 accurately executes the selective spraying process on various circuit boards, eliminating the risk of non-coated areas, such as connectors. Experience unparalleled control over your coating application.

Multi-Track Spraying Mastery: Navigate the intricacies of high-density circuit board spraying effortlessly. The IGC-630 seamlessly performs spot coating, linear spraying, and curve spraying, offering a comprehensive solution for a wide range of coating requirements.

Edge Coating Excellence: Ensure uniform coating along the edges of your devices, eradicating the shadow effect of spraying. The IGC-630’s precision ensures that every contour is evenly coated, contributing to the overall reliability of your electronic components.

System Accuracy: With a system accuracy of ± 0.02 mm, the IGC-630 sets the gold standard for precision in conformal coating. This level of accuracy guarantees consistency, reliability, and adherence to the most stringent quality standards in electronic manufacturing.

High-Speed Transmission and Control: Seamlessly integrate the IGC-630 into your production line with its high-speed transmission and control system. Experience the trifecta of high speed, high reliability, and high stability, ensuring optimal performance in high-volume manufacturing environments.

Intelligent Automatic Width Adjustment: Streamline your workflow with the intelligent automatic width adjustment function. The IGC-630 can automatically adjust the input board width in place, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every coating application.

User-Friendly Programming: The IGC-630 offers a user-friendly programming mode with automatic programming of data input. The software allows for handle-manual input in any track, providing flexibility to accommodate various production needs.

Coating System Valve Config.

Elevate your conformal coating process with the IGC-630 Selective Conformal Coating System—a testament to precision, versatility, and cutting-edge technology in electronic component protection, now enhanced with UV detection for uncompromised quality assurance.



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