IGC-520 Conformal Coating System

Introducing the IGC-520 GLUDITEC Conformal Coating System, setting a new standard in precision and performance for circuit board spraying technology. With the advanced X, Y, Z three-axis movement, this system impeccably achieves selective spraying for various circuit boards, ensuring meticulous coverage while avoiding non-coated areas, including connectors. Building upon the strengths of the IGC-420, the IGC-520 takes precision to the next level with an upgraded three-axis driver and a higher quality drive platform.

This cutting-edge system retains the versatility of multi-trajectory spraying, accommodating point coating, linear spraying, and curve spraying with ease. The IGC-520 excels in completing high-density and complex circuit board spraying processes, ensuring uniform coating along device edges and eliminating the shadow effect for flawless results. The transmission and control system boast exceptional speed, reliability, and stability, while the intelligent electric width adjustment function enhances user convenience.

Experience the pinnacle of conformal coating technology with the IGC-520, where the superior three-axis driver and high-quality drive platform combine to deliver unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability in circuit board manufacturing. Elevate your production processes and achieve consistently exceptional results with the IGC-520 GLUDITEC Conformal Coating System.

Features and benefits

  • This system utilizes a three-dimensional movement across the X, Y, and Z axes to precisely apply selective conformal coatings on various circuit boards, ensuring areas such as connectors remain uncoated. It supports multiple spraying patterns, including point coating, linear spraying, and curve spraying, making it suitable for high-density and intricate circuit board applications. This capability ensures an even coating around device edges and reduces the shadow effect often seen in spray applications.
  • The system is built on a transmission and control framework that promises speed, reliability, and stability. It is adept at handling complex circuit board coating and dispensing tasks with high precision.
  • Features an intelligent electric width adjustment function that automatically adjusts to the input board’s width for optimal positioning.
  • For seamless integration into production lines, this equipment comes with standard SMEMA interfaces for the SMT industry, allowing for efficient signal integration with other machinery.
  • In essence, this conformal coating system offers a sophisticated solution for applying protective coatings on complex circuit boards with high efficiency and accuracy.


Properties IGC-520 IGC-5202 IGC-5204 IGC-520D
External dimensions L1060mm x W1300mm x H1700mm
Device platform T25 stainless steel plate
Control mode Industrial computer & motion control card
Programming method Manual teaching
PCB transmission height 910±20mm
Transportation speed 0 ~ 5000 mm/min
Conveying method Chain conveyor
Transmission motor Motor acceleration reducer
Conveying width 50 ~ 450mm adjustable
Element height Up & down Max. 110mm
Width adjustment method Intelligent electric adjustment
Three axis drive Servo motor + fully enclosed screw module drive
Running speed Max. 1000mm/s
Repetitive accuracy ±0.02mm
Valve Set 01 Dispensing Valve & 01 Micro Spraying Valve 02 Synchronization Spraying Valve with adjustable coating distance 04 Synchronization Spraying Valve with adjustable coating distance 02 Dispensing Valve & 02 Spraying Valve with group adjustable coating distance
Tank Volume 10L Glue Tank & 2L Cleaning Tank
Equipment power supply AC220V/ 50Hz/ 1.8kW
Equipment air source 4~6kgf/cm²
Equipment weight Appox. 700kg
Standard features Equipped with cleaning function

Equipped with lighting source & fluorescence detection light source


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