ICUV Single Lamp Source UV Curing Furnace

Elevate your UV curing processes with our ICUV Single Lamp Source UV Curing Furnace. This advanced system combines user-friendly controls with cutting-edge technology, ensuring precise and efficient curing for various applications. With safety features, adjustable conveyor width, and swift UV light intensity adjustments, it caters to diverse production needs. The device’s hand-operated lamp tube lifting, electric lifting, and cover opening functions provide unparalleled convenience. Equipped with industry-standard SMEMA interface, seamless signal docking with other devices enhances connectivity in your production environment.

Features and benefits

  • Button-type control with independent temperature controller alarm
  • Dual over-temperature protection for enhanced safety
  • Stainless steel chain conveyor with adjustable width (50-450mm) and speed regulator
  • Hand-operated lamp tube lifting with electric lifting and cover opening function
  • Electronic dimming light sources for quick UV light intensity adjustments
  • SMT industry standard SMEMA interface for seamless signal docking.


Properties ICUV-601FM ICUV-501AS
External dimensions L1500 x W1050 x H1540 mm L1350 x W930 x H1500 mm
Control mode PLC & touch screen controller Key controller
Transmission height 910±20mm
Conveying method Customized hard and hardened aluminum alloy track and stainless steel chain
Track length 1500mm, customizable 1350mm, customizable
Transportation speed 300~3000 mm/min (adjustable)
Transmission motor Stepper motor
PCB width Max. 450mm
Adjustment method of plug-in spacing Manual adjustment
Number of UV lamp 1 set of light source
UV light source power 6kW/pcs 5kW/pcs
UV light source type Mercury lamp light source
Lamp replacement cycle 800~1000 hours
Equipment vantilation Air ~ 2 holes φ150mm
Exhaust volume requirements 2000 cubic meters/hour
PCB board size Max. L450 x W450 mm
Height of PCB board components passing through Max. 100mm
Equipment net weight Approx. 410kg Approx. 380kg
Equipment power equipment AC380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 5-wire system
Total power 7kW 6kW

Technical Documents

ICUV Series Technical Data Sheet

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