ICUV-200 – Inline UV Curing System

Precision, Control, and Efficiency Redefined

Step into a new era of UV curing with the ICUV-200—an advanced inline solution that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Designed for precision and efficiency, this UV curing system sets the standard for reliability in the curing process.

Features and benefits

  • PCL+ Touch Screen Control
  • Independent Temperature Controller Alarm
  • Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor
  • Board Detection Function
  • Hand-Operated Lamp Lifting Method
  • Dual Electronic Dimming Light Sources


Rack size
L1800 x W1080 x H1300 (mm)
PCB transfer height
920 ± 20 (mm)
Transportation speed
0 ~ 3500 mm/min
Transfer direction
L ------> R (R ------> L)
Transfer motor
Stepper motor & reduction gearbox
Delivery method
Chain conveyor (35B5 mm long pin stainless steel chain)
Number of curing zones
UV light source
PCB board size
Max. W450 x L450 mm
PCB Height
Max. ±100 (mm)
Opening method
Pneumatic lifting
Control method
Touch screen control

PCL+ Touch Screen Control: Take command of your curing process with the intuitive PCL+ touch screen control. Seamlessly navigate through settings and configurations with user-friendly controls that put you in control of the UV curing parameters.

Independent Temperature Controller Alarm: Prioritize the safety of your curing process with the ICUV-200’s independent temperature controller alarm. Benefit from double over-temperature protection, ensuring a secure and stable operating environment.

Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor: Built for durability, the stainless steel chain conveyor offers a robust platform for your curing needs. The effective width, adjustable from 50-450mm, caters to diverse board sizes. The width can be automatically adjusted, and the conveying speed can be steplessly regulated via the touch screen. The stepper motor-driven conveyor ensures precise and efficient operation.

Board Detection Function: Enhance visibility and control with the ICUV-200’s board detection function. Keep track of entrance and exit boards, monitor the number of inner boards, and observe the conveying conditions in real time. This feature provides invaluable insights into the curing process.

Hand-Operated Lamp Lifting Method: Simplify operation with the hand-operated lamp lifting method. The ICUV-200 automates the lifting and opening of the cover, streamlining your workflow and minimizing manual intervention.

Dual Electronic Dimming Light Sources: Elevate your curing capabilities with two sets of electronic dimming light sources. Achieve precise control over UV light intensity with infinite adjustments, allowing you to tailor the curing process to the unique requirements of each application.

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