ICIRD Series Double side IR Curing System

Introducing our ICIRD Series IR Curing System, meticulously crafted for optimal performance in 2-side coating applications. The hallmark of this system lies in its innovative design featuring distinct upper and lower heating zones. Tailored for precision and versatility, the chain transportation method accommodates widths between 50 and 450mm, ensuring seamless integration with various connection methods.

Built with stainless steel extended pin chains and an adjustable speed function, our system stands as a beacon of reliability. The reinforced aluminum alloy guide rail, equipped with a support adjustment mechanism, guarantees stability even in high-temperature conditions, preventing deformations and plate falling.

In the heating realm, our system’s efficiency is unparalleled. The heating tube principle ensures uniform heat distribution, while the T1.5 iron plate construction and thickened insulation cotton minimize heat loss. The PID temperature controller and touch screen interface precisely regulate four temperature zones, each boasting six heating tubes, catering to energy-conscious operations.

The ICIRD Series, with its emphasis on the innovative upper and lower heating zones, is your key to elevated performance in 2-side coating applications. Redefine your manufacturing experience with this design-forward and efficiency-focused IR Curing System.


Properties ICIRD-400 ICIRD-600 ICIRD-800
External dimensions L2000mm/3000mm/4000mm x W1080mm x H1300mm
Transmission height 910±20mm
Transportation speed 0~3500mm/min (adjustable)
Transmission motor Stepper motor
Conveying method Chain conveyor
PCB width Max. 450mm
Number of temperature zones 4 temperature zones in total

2 upper tracks, 2 lower tracks

6 temperature zones in total

3 upper tracks, 3 lower tracks

8 temperature zones in total

4 upper tracks, 4 lower tracks

Temperature regulation range Room temperature to 100 degrees C
Heating time < 10 mins
PCB board size Max. L450 x W450 mm
Height of passing plate Max. 110mm
Cover opening method Software interface control electric lifting
Control mode PLC & touch screen control
Equipment weight Approx. 450kg
Equipment power equipment AC380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 5-wire system
Total power 12.5kW 19kW 26.5kW

Technical Documents

ICIRD Series Technical Data Sheet

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