ICIR Series – IR Curing System

Introducing the GLUDITEC ICIR Series IR Curing System, a pinnacle of precision and efficiency in accelerating curing processes for conformal coating applications. The transportation system features a chain method with adjustable width (50-450mm), accommodating diverse connection needs. Utilizing stainless steel extended pin chains, the system ensures reliable transportation, with adjustable speeds for enhanced flexibility. The reinforced aluminum alloy guide rail, specially designed to withstand high temperatures, incorporates a support adjustment mechanism, minimizing deformation and preventing plate falling.

The heating system adopts a heating tube principle, delivering uniform heating for improved efficiency. The furnace and inner liner, constructed from sturdy T1.5 iron plates, ensure durability. Enhanced with thickened insulation cotton to minimize heat loss, the system conserves electricity while maintaining a controlled environment temperature. The heating control system, equipped with a PID temperature controller and touchscreen interface, achieves precise temperature control in two zones, optimizing energy consumption with a maximum temperature of 150°C.

Ensuring seamless integration into production lines, the ICIR Series comes with SMT industry-standard SMEMA interfaces for whole-line docking, enabling smooth signal exchange with other devices. Elevate your conformal coating processes with the precision, efficiency, and connectivity of the GLUDITEC ICIR Series IR Curing System.


Properties ICIR-200 ICIR-300 ICIR-400
External dimensions L2000mm/3000mm/4000mm x W1080mm x H1300mm
Transmission height 910±20mm
Transportation speed 0~3500mm/min (adjustable)
Transmission motor Stepper motor
Conveying method Chain conveyor
PCB width Max. 450mm
Number of temperature zones 2 temperature zones 3 temperature zones 4 temperature zones
Temperature regulation range Room temperature to 150 degrees C
Heating time < 10 mins
PCB board size Max. L450 x W450 mm
Height of passing plate Max. 110mm
Cover opening method Software interface control electric lifting
Control mode PLC & touch screen control
Equipment weight Approx. 400kg
Equipment power equipment AC380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 5-wire system
Total power 6.5kW 9.5kW 12.5kW

Technical Documents

ICIR Series Technical Data Sheet

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