ICIR-300 – Inline IR Curing System

Precision, Versatility, and Energy Efficiency Redefined

Experience a new standard in heat curing with our cutting-edge IR Heat-Curing Oven—an advanced solution designed for precision, versatility, and energy efficiency. This oven redefines the curing process, offering unparalleled control and reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Chain Conveyor Mode
  • Adjustable Transportation Speed
  • Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Guide Rails
  • PLD Temperature Controller & Button Control
  • Dual Temperature Zones, Six Heating Pipes Each


Rack size
L2000 x W1080 x H1300 (mm)
PCB transfer height
920 ± 20 (mm)
Transportation speed
0 ~ 3500 mm/min
Transfer direction
L ------> R (R ------> L)
Transfer motor
Stepper motor & reduction gearbox
Delivery method
Chain conveyor (35B5 mm long pin stainless steel chain)
Number of curing zones
Temperature adjustment range
RT ~ 150°C
PCB board size
Max. W450 x L450 mm
PCB Height
Max. ±100 (mm)
Opening method
Pneumatic lifting
Control method
PLC & Touch screen control

Chain Conveyor Mode: Embrace flexibility with the chain conveyor mode, where the width between the chains can be easily adjusted from 50 to 450mm. This customizable feature accommodates multiple connection methods, providing the adaptability your process demands. The chain, constructed with stainless steel and a long pin chain, ensures durability and reliability in every operation.

Adjustable Transportation Speed: Take control of your curing process with the adjustable transportation speed. Whether you require a swift throughput or a more meticulous curing approach, the IR Heat-Curing Oven offers the flexibility to meet your specific production needs.

Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Guide Rails: Engineered for stability, the specially-reinforced aluminum alloy guide rails withstand high temperatures. The support adjustment mechanism minimizes deformation, ensuring a stable track free from shaking. Say goodbye to the frustration of board fall-offs—the IR Heat-Curing Oven eliminates such phenomena, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable curing process.

Heating Function:

PLD Temperature Controller & Button Control: Achieve precision temperature control effortlessly with the PLD temperature controller and user-friendly button control. This sophisticated system allows precise temperature adjustments in two temperature zones, providing the control you need for optimal curing results.

Dual Temperature Zones, Six Heating Pipes Each: Maximize energy efficiency with the IR Heat-Curing Oven’s dual temperature zones. Featuring six heating pipes in each zone, this configuration minimizes energy consumption while delivering consistent and reliable curing performance. Experience the perfect balance between efficiency and precision.

The IR Heat-Curing Oven is more than just an oven; it’s a revolutionary solution that combines adaptability, stability, and energy efficiency. Elevate your curing process with the precision and reliability you deserve—choose the IR Heat-Curing Oven for a new era in heat curing technology.

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