ICD-450L – Automatic PCB Loader

The ICD-450L is primarily used as a source for the Coating production line. It stores and transfers PCB boards to the back-end equipment using a material frame, which includes an automatic board feeding function. The control system is PLC-based, with a touch screen interface for easy operation and stable performance.

Features and benefits

  • The frame structure is constructed using sheet metal welding and aluminum profiles, with surface painting treatment.
  • Allowing for precise adjustments of 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm steps.
  • Utilizes cylinders and can be equipped with an automatic air venting device to prevent PCB damage and reduce process loss


Overall dimensions
Control method
PLC + Touch screen control
PCB transmission height
Transport speed
Transmission direction
L ------> R (R ------> L)
Material rack in and out chain
Black flat chain
Conveying method
Chain conveyor (35B 5mm extended pin with ball stainless steel chain)
AM mode
Electric adjustment
Step selection
10~40 mm (optional)
PCB board size
80mm*80mm ~ 530mm*450mm
Material frame size
535m*520mm*565mm [size determined according to product]
Lift power system
120W fixed speed motor with brake + brake disc
Material rack conveying part
25W fixed speed motor
Equipment weight
Approx. 300kg
Device power supply
AC220V 50~60Hz
Equipment air source
Total equipment power

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