ICD-450F – Automatic PCB Flipper

The ICD-450F automatic flipper is a small module that can invert printed circuit boards (PCB) and pallet carriers in an inline process. It uses pneumatic power to smoothly flip the boards, allowing for dual-sided applications. After flipping, the board assembly can either move on to the next work cell or go back to the original work-station in either direction.

Features and benefits

  • Control part: PLC + touch screen + button control, easy to operate;
  • Frame part: The frame is made of sheet metal, which is strong and durable;
  • The sheet metal is completed by electrostatic powder spraying and baking paint, which is beautiful and easy to clean.
  • Flip part: The flap is driven by a motor.
  • Working part: The PCB conveying method adopts a motor + chain drive, and the conveying weight is larger.
  • Whole line docking: The equipment is equipped with the SMT industry standard SMEMA interface, which can be used for signal


Overall dimensions
Control method
PLC + Touch screen control
PCB transmission height
Transport speed
Transmission direction
L ------> R (R ------> L)
Turning method
Motor driven flap (when flap is not needed, straight-through mode can be used)
Conveying method
Chain conveyor (35B 5mm extended pin with ball stainless steel chain)
PCB width
MAX: W450*L450
AM mode
Electric adjustment
PCB board thickness
3-8mm (passing through the fixture, special instructions are required if passing through the bare board)
PCB board size
PCB board component height
Spin time
Equipment weight
Approx. 190kg
Device power supply
AC220V 50~60Hz
Equipment air source
Total equipment power

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